What is cyberprotector and how to make your life on the Internet safer by Victor Campuzano | 5 Mar 2019 | Growth Tools | 2 Comments [mks_accordion][mks_accordion_item title=»Hidden here, the most personal side of this post…»] We were lying on the couch, with sleep haunting us because 11:00 p.m. on a Thursday is already late for working parents. We watched a series, as usual, because that is “our moment” and, although the aforementioned one is slower than Frodo climbing Mount Mordor and the eyelids weigh more than the “you should have started in January” that you tell yourself the first time, Pool day, it was our time and we had to hold on. T

he series was

he series was about a boy who knows a lot about computers and security and who begins category email list his own crusade against the bad guys. Or something like that. I couldn’t give it any more But, still, how cool and interesting it is to see him there, behind his screen, with the certainty that no one can spy on him, with the knowledge of the risks and with the security measures. Hide behind proxy networks, establish a VPN connection, hide your origin so that no one can track you… [/mks_accordion_item][/mks_accordion] Hooooola! How are you? Good? I hope so! Me too,

super good.

super good. Well, a little uncomfortable writing posts with Gutenberg, this one of the cochinzuquis… But otherwise fine. In fact, I really CP Hone Number feel like skipping through a flowery meadow while super cool music plays… I don’t know, maybe I just feel safe. (ya, very bad, sorry). Do you know what happens? Well, I have simply decided to try Ciberprotector , a new project from my friends at Webempresa and, my goodness, I am so happy… But why do I feel so safe? What is cyber protector? What is it for? Why have I decided to share it with you? The answers in this post! table of Contents What is cyber protector Key benefits and features Secure and anonymous connection through a VPN Secure management of your passwords and notes Minimum security checks Conclusion: why I recommend cyberprotector What is cyber protector cy

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