Without going into them too intensively. If the employee does sports – become a sponsor of his team in the upcoming competition. On the other hand, when he celebrates an important anniversary or gets marrie, prepare a basket with small, theme gifts for him. This small gesture will show that you see him as part of your team. As a result, the person will be willing to express positive opinions about the company in a public forum. He will become, in a way, an ambassador of your brand, lobbying for it in the environment in which he lives on a daily basis. It is also worth considering running unique employee benefits that will be tailore to the nees of specific people.

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These can be: massage vouchers, meical packages, language classes or courses relate to pursuing a hobby. At Commplace work, opinions are not just empty words A company is people, and the choice of an appropriate personnel policy database model directly affects the effectiveness of managing the entire company. It also translates into the perception of the company as an employer. At Commplace work, opinions are not just empty words. We are aware of how important these areas are from the point of view of the success of the entire business.


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Employees who feel value by their employers are more likely to be proactive and take responsibility for their parts of the project. And most importantly, they will be happier, which will undoubtely positively affect the image of the entire C Phone Number company. Disregarding these aspects makes us consciously agree to lose benefits. And that is certainly not part of the goals of any organization. The impact of external employer branding on employees’ opinions Did you know that about 75% of people actively looking for a job, before submitting an application for a given offer, look for information about a potential employer? He studies the company’s reputation in detail, checks the opinions of employees and tries to find out as much as possible about employment in the company.

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