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What else I think was interesting is that it was an offline workshop. This was after the first year of the pandemic, so that was a bit weird too. Such a paradox that when we meet people live, we approach it as if it were something new. It was definitely a challenge. It turnd out […]

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In 2020, the global B2C digital payments market has grown by 24% to nearly $5 trillion. Physical retail was already declining before the closures, while many work-from-home models are on the rise, meaning more employees are shopping at the company remotely. It’s time to question bank transfer as the only B2B payment solution Virtual cards […]

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Automate the administrative processes through integration into existing company systems for expense accounting 4. Low risk of fraud thanks to high security standards The special thing about this card is that it can only be usd for plannd purchases and bookings before the business trip. On the other hand, it is not suitable for unforeseen, […]