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Unfortunately her tweet went unanswere. gorakalwaria3 Supporting non-governmental organizations There are currently ten non-governmental organizations active in this commune, mainly in the area of ​​supporting the disable and popularizing local traditions and culture. There is also a branch of the PCK, which deals with the dissemination of the idea of ​​blood donation and blood therapy and conducts activities relate to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The association “It’s all about” is also special, which undertakes various actions relate to the activation of the local community and building a civil society. Monitoring allows you to discover which organizations are popular with residents and which are not, by tracking to what extent and how intensively information relate to their activities is disseminate.

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The blood collection in Góra Kalwaria, which was reporte on Twitter and Facebook by many residents and the local press, left a large mark on Latest Mailing Database the Internet. , informing about the fundraiser and sharing emerging entries on this subject. high calvary11 In the Commune, it is worth seeing, among others, the Church of St. Exaltation of the Cross, Chapel of St. Anthony, the Cenacle in Marianki, the Cidak’s Court and the House of Prayer. However, the main tourist attraction of the commune is the Castle of the Mazovian Dukes in Czersk.

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Valley have survive to this day

The turn of the 14th and 15th centuries. Most of the castle walls and three towers from which you can admire the panorama of the Czerska. The castle C Phone Number attracts many visitors who willingly share their impressions on the Internet. high calvary4 Large open-air events are associate with the castle: the Knights’ Tournament at the Czersk Castle, the Swees at the Czersk Castle, or the European Heritage Days.

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