Storytelling Guide for Personal and Corporate Marketing. Laura Ferrera is an Online Marketing consultant and today she explains 25 tools for Storytelling . With it you can foster the emotional bond with users and the target audience of any brand. Great tricks to tell your story in your personal or corporate marketing.

What elements cannot be missing from your Storytelling speech

What elements cannot be missing from your Storytelling speech. Storytelling Guide for Personal and Corporate MarketingThe surprise factor . That wow effect that surprises whoever reads, sees or listens to you. By simply creating an unexpected ending you can achieve it. The human side . Storytelling humanizes brands, so it goes directly to the heart of your audience. The experiences . Create them, leave the data aside and tell experiences. You will see how you take your audience to your field. The memory . Make sure that what you say email database remains embedded in the memory of your audience, be memorable. In this way, you will share your story with other people and in the place you least imagine.

Tell stories on your Blog

┬áTell stories on your Blog. Storytelling teaches the most human side of brands. Therefore, in each article you can include a personal anecdote that you have had with yourself, your family, your team or a client. You have to get whoever reads your articles to recognize themselves in C Phone Number the story you tell, so that they become emotionally linked to you, your service or product. Don’t forget that this story must lead the reader to perform a certain action. Empathy is essential in Storytelling.

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