Like every year, the last Friday of November opens the. Christmas campaign season with the start of Black Friday . Without a doubt, a key and important moment for brands. Which have been preparing their campaigns for months. However, the concentration of offers and the fear of price increases. Have led to more and more brands getting ahead of the event. Today, 70% of Spaniards wait for Black Friday to buy those products that they already had located. To get ahead of Christmas gifts. As confirmed by the study ‘ Shopping Habits in Spain Black Friday 2022’ carried. Out by the agency specialized in Viko Group marketplaces, Tandem Up. Which states that 43% of Spaniards will buy their Christmas gifts this coming November 25 .

Average spending and purchase channels

Although costs have skyrocketed and lowering the sales price is not an easy task. It is expected that 85% of those surveyed will buy something industry email list during the next Black Friday. Especially among young people between 18 and 35, 90% of whom declare that they buy something. The purchase expense is expected to be €183 on average. Very similar between men and women (€186 vs €180, respectively). Between the age ranges. There are no significant differences between the targets, so everyone will spend very similar to the average. Regarding the purchasing channel. The digital channel continues to be the preferred option among the majority of consumers , 68% will make their purchases online and 32% in person. Note that only those over 55 years of age are going to buy more offline.

Marketplaces the kings of Black Friday

In fact, with respect to spending on fashion, it is expected that the average expense will be €124 per person and that 6 out of every 10 potential C Phone Number purchases on marketplaces will be from this sector. Furthermore, this year marketplaces are established as the most popular channel (72%), followed by the websites of the main brands (41%) and physical stores or department stores (38%) . As for the preferred marketplace of Internet users for this Black Friday, Amazon continues to be the favorite by far (91%), followed by far from Corte Inglés (33%) and Aliexpress (32%).The websites of stores and brands are established as the most used channel to find out about Black Friday promotions (47%), followed closely by online advertising (37%). However, this year, the most influential channel for Black Friday purchases is: social networks (43%), influencing women more than men.

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