How Shopee Sellers Can Submit Sales After Inaccurate

Even after you have filled your order with care, something can still go wrong while the item is being shipped. Suppose the customer did receive the product but the delivery status still says “delivery failed” or “customer unavailable”. There are no avoidance scenarios like inaccurate delivery statuses, but it’s important to know what to do if this happens.

Is It Still Possible to Ship a Sales After an Inaccurate Shipping Status?


This occurs when the delivery man successfully delivers the product to the customer and then marks the order as canceled or the buyer is unavailable.

In this case, the seller is unable to accept the payment due for the order. If you find yourself in a scenario like this, know that this is not a dead-end situation.

As long as the buyer actually accepts the parcel, you still have a good chance of proving the legitimacy of your claim and hence, submitting your sale.

Here’s what you should do:

The parcel picture is taken by the buyer

CS will be the one to escalate this matter to higher market admins. You will be contacted within a day or two phone number list to find out the outcome of the dispute.

Upon success, the amount will be credited to your Shopee balance.

Have you ever experienced an inaccurate shipping status on one of your Shopee products? How do you deal with it? We want to know in the comments section.

Ask for Package Images and Waybills

Phone Number List

If so, the next step is to inform the buyer that the courier has marked the order as canceled.

And you can use a little help getting you paid for those products. Ask him if he’s willing to vouch for you in a Shopee dispute.

Most of the time, customers will be willing to help sellers, especially if you have provided buyers with good quality customer service from the start of their buying journey.

Ask the buyer to take a picture of the parcel as well as the waybill containing the purchase order number.

A screenshot of the delivery C Phone Number status as “failed” or “customer unavailable” along with a snippet of your conversation with the buyer stating that he or she has received the product.

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