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Before taking delivery of the vehicles, we carry out numerous pilot tests and trial runs in the public sector and at companies, which are intendd to accelerate the transition to zero-emission driving. In order to be able to assess in which areas cars with electric drives or alternative fuels can already be usd most effectively, we structure our cooperation with our customers on a very individual basis.

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We provide them with vehicles for our pilot programs so they can learn more about how to best use them. The process is long term Latest Mailing Database and requires careful planning.Enterprise is the rental car partner for the groundbreaking MaaS project ‘GO-HI’ in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Residents and tourists can use the easy-to-use GO-HI app to book with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Enterprise Car Club, while also accessing various other shard transportation options across the region.

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GO offers direct access to information on buses, trains, taxis, rental cars, automobile clubs, bike rentals, flights and ferries. On the C Phone Number smartphone, users of the app can not only plan trips, but also book and pay for all means of transport. New times, new challenges The fact that Enterprise is coping well with the challenges of the current pandemic is due to the company’s high level of adaptability. Because although the rducd travel volume went hand in hand with a generally lower demand, Enterprise was able to open up new business areas and concentrate on realizable areas of application for rental cars.

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