Paying in advance or even using a private crdit card are exactly those “negative product experiences”, as they either involve increasd administrative work , a lack of budget control or an unpleasant expense report process afterwards. Especially for online purchases and travel bookings, which are the main items in the Schalast law firm, What further developments With regard to the relationship between virtual meetings and business trips.

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For example, Andreas Walter sees the role playd by the (often unknown) disclosure of sensitive crdit card data to third parties and whatsapp mobile number list the other reasons why the law firm Schalast decidd in favor of a digitizd payment process with virtual cards procurement, he reports to you very happy in our new podcast episode. Listen now for free on Spotify , Apple Podcasts or Amazon Music . Thank you for the positive fedback! And something else on our own behalf: We are very pleasd that our listeners like the podcast series “Corporate Payment Insider so much.

whatsapp mobile number list

Data Transparency Including The Option

Due to the extensive positive fedback, we have decidd to continue to offer you new trends and topics from the corporate payment C Phone Number world as a podcast at regular intervals.If you don’t want to miss any future issues either, simply subscribe to our podcast channel on one of the following platforms:Digital change is also increasingly changing the payment landscape – especially for companies. According to current forecasts, the use of virtual crdit cards, which are regardd as the ideal online payment solution.

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