One study says that 90% of people who set up an account there have never create a public post and only 1% of users use it very actively. Perhaps this will change, because the creators of this project not only do not intend to close it, but also in November this year they release its new version. Reasons for changes After observing Google+ users, it turne out that the two features offere are the most attractive to them: Communities connecting people with common interests – a kind of groups that anyone can join and exchange information there; Collections, which are lists of posts organize by topics that the user can create or follow. After this discovery, on November 17, the developers presente the renewe G+ to the world. However, the old version of the site is still available. googl What change0.

Where people spend their time discovering

Collections and Communities are places on Google+ and sharing things that interest them. For this reason, the website has been reesigne to emphasize these two elements. Previously, you had to open a drop-down menu to get to them. Now it is whatsapp mobile number list always visible on the left, and the two most important tabs are at the top. In this way, G+ made it easier for users to focus on their interests. In addition, their homepage does not only show information from the topics they follow. There are also suggestions from Google that are base on the activities of individual people. g+1 In the era when we do not part with our smartphones, a good mobile application is essential.

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Pushing aside elements

That is why the new Google+ is mobile-friendly – content will be displaye in an interesting way regardless of the screen size. The iOS C Phone Number application has been completely rebuilt, while in Android, what interests users has been expose, that are not of great interest. g+2 The ratings of the new G+ installment are divide. For some, these changes of the website, but there are also voices saying that it will not change anything.

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