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Best Practices To Get Campaigns Ready For Shopee

Campaigns are not simply assigned. They are unpredictable. You may seem prepared at this point and the next thing you know, you’re close to disaster due to your lack of preparation. Due to the unpredictable nature of Shopee campaigns, it is highly recommended that you plan your campaign in advance. Here are instructions on how to become campaign ready for Shopee.  Make Your Prices More Attractive

Online shoppers are usually price sensitive because one of the biggest advantages of shopping online is the money savings they get.

Therefore, before running your campaign (preferably a few weeks before), you should have done some research on your competitors.

Since this is not something that is easy to do, we highly recommend using Split Dragon’s competitor tracking tool which will give you an analysis of how and when your competitors change prices.

Make sure to match your products with attractive prices throughout your campaign. Otherwise, your investment in the campaign may not bring you much ROI.

Increase Exposure For Campaign Products Through Free Boosting

When running a Shopee database campaign, any additional exposure won’t hurt especially if it’s free. Shopee provides sellers with free tools they can use to advertise their products through Shopee Boosting.

You will be able to access this feature when you open your Shopee mobile app and then go to My Store > View All Products > Get More Views for your Products

Your upgraded products will appear in Daily Discover.

Maintain Additional Stock Inventory


You need efficient inventory if you want to be ready for the Shopee campaigns with the most ROI.

Some sellers are hesitant to add more items to their inventory because they fear it will just be a waste but nothing is more pointless than losing customers due to insufficient stock.

Even if your store is new to the platform, always assume that you will get more sales than usual.

Otherwise, if you do receive a C Phone Number large request during a campaign and you don’t have sufficient stock inventory to support the request, it will have a bad impact on your store’s reputation as campaigns (especially large ones) have room in the heart. buyer.

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