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However, they are made with the utmost care and gradually build brand awareness and reach also among video fans. In this meium, it is definitely better to focus on 1-2 quality materials ordere from an agency than many long, unoriginal films explaining the intricacies of business. The use of social meia in marketing – threats Presence in social meia is not only a plus. With them comes many challenges and threats that can contribute to the failure of the entire marketing campaign. Instead of success, the company will fail, and as a consequence may lose loyal customers or generate less profit. The first threat associate with social meia is hate, hate speech. People feel free online.

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They are not afraid to express their opinions – even the extreme and controversial ones. They often post critical, vulgar or aggressive posts for no reason at all. Unfortunately, a large number of unfavorable comments can negatively affect the phone number list brand’s reputation. The second threat to your social meia marketing strategy is the lack of user interaction. Effective marketing communication is about conducting a continuous, uninterrupte dialogue with customers. Recipients count on quick feeback. If they don’t get it, they may feel left out and disregarde.

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Unfortunately, the lack of interaction on the part of the brand may contribute to the deterioration of relations with the target group, and in the worst case, even to the loss of loyal customers. Why is it worth monitoring social meia? In the age C Phone Number of the internet, it’s hard to have control over everything people write about a brand. And it’s not just about comments on the company’s social profiles. This includes all mentions of the brand on the web. Users freely express their opinions, conduct discussions about the brand (in a good or bad tone). Unfortunately, the lack of control over the statements of Internet users is a threat to the success of marketing campaigns in social meia. The solution to this problem is meia monitoring.

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