The advantage of Analytics is that it is a free application and that we can use it together with Google Ads , allowing us to extract really interesting joint information. e-commerce websites On e-commerce sites, the most important metrics to analyze are: Benefits visits conversion rates average orders Average cost of conversions This is the most complicated configuration to obtain reliable data, but if we configure AdWords and

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The information in real time, thus creating a synergy between the two tools.  possible to indicate the value of the benefit obtained by an individual product so that when we consult the virtual store data we can see which campaigns have a greater return database on investment, the famous ROI. A particularly important piece of data that Google Analytics offers us on e-commerce sites is knowing which data sources are generating income for us, such as knowing the daily profitability of a banner on the web of an affiliate, the profitability of a campaign of e-mail marketing, knowing the organic positioning of a term and the most profitable words of our advertising campaign in search engines – SEM .

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Websites focused on lead generation  its business on generating leads, registrations or requests for information, and they are certainly the ones that can most benefit from an AdWords and Web Analytics campaign. On websites with lead generation, the C Phone Number most important metrics to analyze are: Volume of leads generated Click-to-lead began to compete for the same keyword, the cost of this keyword has increased a lot in recent times, making it increasingly difficult to obtain a positive ROI with this medium. Because of this, the market understands that Search’s ROI is ending.