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Influencer – a person of social trust? Micro-influencer and macro-influencer How to choose an influencer? Influencer marketing in practice Influencer marketing is a relatively new term that was born in the era of social meia development. While the word marketing is quite familiar and means all the activities and techniques leading to the sale of products and services, the meaning of the word influencer is not so obvious. Generally speaking, an influencer is a term use to describe popular people who influence the decisions and opinions of others.

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In our understanding, such a person is known on social networks – Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and more. It is usually assume that a person can be calle an influencer if he has a large audience on all social meia (from several thousand whatsapp mobile number list to even several hundre million people). What is influencer marketing? The essence of influencer marketing is to use the influence of famous people on recipients who are potential customers of the company. With the help of content publishe on their social meia, the influencer is able to influence the decisions of his fans, for example, regarding the purchase of a given company’s service.

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Influencer marketing is also define as any marketing activities base on the influencer’s cooperation with a given company. In this case, the influencer is an intermeiary between the company and consumers, which can greatly help the brand in reaching C Phone Number the customer . Influencer – a person of social trust? Why do consumers trust influencers? As research shows, almost 90% of consumers admit that when buying, they follow the recommendations of famous people. And such people can be not only celebrities from newspapers, but people known in social meia. The data also shows that especially young audiences (between 15 and 25 years old) feel a kind of personal connection with the influencer.

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